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Boniface Mkoko

PBS Malawi Coordinator

Boniface Mkoko’s studies focused on biology, with an emphasis on genetics. He worked as an Manager at the Biotechnology-Ecology and Outreach Consortium; received training in Principles of Communication; participated in a training course in Biosafety Risk assessment and Management; received training on inspection of confined field trials (CFTs). He has contributed to the enactment of the Malawi’s Biosafety Act

of 2002; contributed to the approval process for the Biotechnology and Biosafety Policy, which was approved in 2008; coordinated the development of several publications, including the Trial Manager’s Handbook, Inspector’s Manual, and Biotechnology Guidelines for Malawi. He works with scientists and regulators in Malawi to develop and coordinate approval processes for confined field trials. He is motivated by the prospect of improving farmers’ livelihoods through the use of modern biotechnology.