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Daniel Osei Ofosu

PBS Ghana Coordinator

Daniel Osei Ofosu holds a Master of Philosophy in Radiation Processing from the University of Ghana, majoring in Food Science and Post-Harvest Technology. He joined PBS in June, 2013 and has about six years of experience in agriculture, working as a research scientist with the Biotechnology and Nuclear Agriculture Research Institute (BNARI) in Accra, Ghana. His major interest is in the development and sustenance of

good agricultural systems. He is passionate about biotechnology as an option for farmers and looks forward to working in the area of biosafety. He is motivated by the fact that biotechnology and the production of genetically modified organisms hold a great deal of promise for the poor rural farmers, who are the main backbone of the economy in Ghana, to increase their income, reduce dependence on certain inputs, ensure efficient land use and increase the nutritional value of crops they grow.