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Jeff Stein

PBS Asia Coordinator & Biosafety Advisor

In addition to serving as the Asia Coordinator and Biosafety Advisor for PBS, Jeff Stein provides biosafety and regulatory support for public sector research programs and regulators in developing countries in Africa and Asia. In this role, he consults with regulatory agencies as they draft biosafety-related legislation, enabling regulations, and guidance documents.

He shares his 25+ years of global biosafety experience with national agricultural research centers and academic institutions to build in-country scientific capacity to set guidelines for and comply with confined field trial guidelines. Jeff is also a Biosafety Advisor associated with the Donald Danforth Plant Science Center, in St Louis, MO. Prior to this, he was Director of Regulatory Affairs for a private company. He works mostly in Nigeria, Uganda, Kenya, Ghana, Vietnam, Indonesia, and the Philippines. Jeff has served on numerous domestic and international committees that set standards for managing crops derived through biotechnology and has overseen stewardship activities. He enjoys the opportunity of working with experienced scientists in developing countries to address the political and scientific challenges to the adoption of a technology that can reduce malnutrition and disease, as well as improving the economic well being of millions of people in developing countries.