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Roshan Abdallah

PBS Tanzania Coordinator

Roshan Abdallah brings a wealth of experience to the team. A PhD in Plant Virology and Molecular Biology, she has been working for more than a decade on various aspects of improving agricultural production across Africa. Specifically, she has worked with teams to harmonize seed policies in Eastern and Central Africa, helped establish the Tanzania Ministerial Agricultural Biosafety Scientific Advisory Committee and trained countless

people in the areas of biotechnology, biosafety, phyotsanitary measures, environmental management systems and agro-commodities over the years.

Her Master’s in Business Administration from ESAMI & Maastricht also gives her a unique perspective on strategies. Roshan understands international biosafety-related protocols, functional regulations and risk assessment; and has worked to share that information and knowledge with various stakeholders. She is passionate about biosafety, as it relates to human safety, animals and the environment providing an option for productive agriculture through modern biotechnology.