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Theresa Sengooba

PBS Uganda Advisor

Theresa Sengooba has worked as a plant pathologist for the National Agricultural Research Organization - Uganda (NARO) for 20 years. She worked as an agricultural research manager (1985-2005), eventually becoming a bean program leader to the Deputy Director General of NARO. She represented NARO at the UNCST working group that started to draft the biosafety policy and law (ca. 2003). She participated in a three-month consultancy that was invited by USAID Uganda Mission to facilitate the establishment of policies and regulations required for the effective introduction of modern biotechnology, and to develop and prioritize effective intervention strategies for USAID support. Since 2003, she has worked with PBS. Her biosafety-related achievements include the development of a regulatory mechanism to enable confined field trials of GM crop materials; the drafting of Uganda’s biotechnology and biosafety policies that were approved by the government in 2008; and the creation of improved capacity for biosafety regulatory compliance for both regulators and scientists. She works in Uganda, but she has also participated in projects going on in several COMESA countries. What excites her most about biosafety is its relevance in realizing GM products impact—from conception to general release.